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The Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of University of Almaty was established on 27.08.16. On 15.09.2016 at the general meeting Akan Toktagazievich Tursynbayev was elected President of the Association.         Bolatbekov Zhumabek Baltabaevich was elected Deputy, members of the association Spanov Rinat Serikovich, Salimbay Gulnur Nurtaevna, Kairat Nurtas, Elbosynov Gaziz Kaynarovich, and Kuralbekova Shyryn Kairatovna was elected Secretary.       We are sure that the Alumni Association of University of Almaty will make a great contribution to the development and formation of our University.


  • Strengthening University of Almaty at the national and international levels and the development of its scientific, educative and pedagogical skills.
  • Development of creativity and scientific knowledge of community members, professional qualifications, exchange of experience.
  • Satisfying the cultural, educational, scientific requirements of the members of the Association, aimed at the interests of society and the public in the field of science and education.


  • Establishment of stable professional relations between graduates of University of Almaty.
  • Assistance in personal and professional growth of graduates of University of Almaty.
  • Creation and updating of an information bank about graduates of University of Almaty.
  • Assistance in the training of students (round tables, conferences, internships, organization of studies abroad).
  • Exchange of experience and communication with graduates of University of Almaty abroad.
  • Development of the material and technical base of graduates of University of Almaty.
  • Publication of actual news in “The Alumni Association of University of Almaty”. Organization of corporate meetings and holidays, joint anniversary events, organization of graduates’ meetings.

In 2018, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our University, as well as strengthen the ties with the graduates of each year, to organize various events and reward graduates who have contributed to the work of the Association.

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