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Bachelor in Almaty University

Program Information

The undergraduate degree is the first level of higher education, training on which on the basis of secondary education lasts four years, on the basis of secondary vocational education can last three years. The first three years of undergraduate education imply the preparation of students as broad specialists, and only in the fourth year there is an opportunity to choose a specific profile. Upon graduation, students receive a bachelor’s degree of a certain profile and a diploma of higher education completed. This diploma allows you to find a job for positions that require higher education, while the absence of narrow specialization provides ample opportunities. Thus, the bachelor degree is a higher education that fully meets international standards.

Today, the University “Almaty” is a modern multi-disciplinary university of new format in the areas of training “Education”, “Law”, “Social Sciences and Business”, “Services”, which provides training in 39 educational programs including: 26,undergraduate majors, 11 – graduate, 2 – doctoral PhD

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