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Профильные предметы
Mathematics + Geography
Языки обучения
Kazakh, Russian
Формы обучения
Distance learning using distance technologies, Full-time

Specialty information

The educational program graduates are awarded the academic degree of bachelor 6В04102 – «Economy».
Direction 6B04102 – «Economу» gives students the opportunity to obtain extensive economic theoretical and practical knowledge to continue to be ready to perform functions that are allocated in accordance with the appointment of the sales Manager and his place in the system of industrial economy: economic, managerial, organizational, planning and financial, marketing, information and analytical, design and research, diagnostic, innovative, methodological, consulting, educational, etc.
The educational program 6B04102 – «Economу» is designed to train specialists with a set of special skills related to solving problems of economic and organizational nature, the use of modern technologies, information processing, decision-making in a dynamically changing environment. Have sufficient theoretical training to solve practical problems and problems in non-standard situations, conditions of uncertainty and risk.


Graduates have the opportunity to find a job in such organizations and institutions as:
– state bodies of the Republican and territorial level;
– Ministry of economic development and trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– economic services of ministries and departments;
– budgetary institutions and organizations;
– economic entities of various organizational and legal forms;
– research organizations, etc

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