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Geography teacher training

Geography teacher training

Профильные предметы
Geography + World History
Языки обучения
Kazakh, Russian
Формы обучения
Distance learning using distance technologies, Full-time

Specialty information

Goals and objectives of the educational program.

Training of methodologically literate, competent teachers who are able to independently and creatively solve professional problems, who can correctly navigate the peculiarities of the geographic space, assess changes and transformations of the environment using traditional and innovative geographical methods and information sources.

Expected learning outcomes of EP.

6В015 learning outcomes for teacher training in natural sciences are reflected through competencies and are designed based on Dublin descriptors of the 1st level of education (bachelor’s degree)
Level 1 descriptors provide the following abilities:
– to understand the laws of social and humanitarian development of modern society, master the basic methods and techniques of oral and written communication in the state, Russian and foreign languages, strive to develop intellectual, moral, cultural, communication, organizational and management skills;
– Possess the basics of management, be the bearer of moral, aesthetic, spiritual culture, personal self-expression and self-affirmation, an incentive for pedagogical creativity;
– To respond to the educational needs of children with disabilities, taking into account their general and individual characteristics of mental, psychophysiological development, to determine changes in the content, approaches, structures and strategies of inclusive education;
– To support and guide students in the process of distance learning geography in the development of creative and theoretical thinking, aimed at choosing the best solutions;
– Use in private activities various types of information, communication and digital technologies: Internet resources, mobile services for the search, storage, processing, protection and dissemination of information;
– Formulate and explain the concepts and terms of geographical science; integrate fundamental knowledge in the field of physical and socio-economic geography;
– Apply innovative technologies in teaching and upbringing in accordance with the goals, objectives and expected results in the context of the updated content of education;
– To carry out a comprehensive analysis of the main regularities of the organization and location of farms and the population of the region, to establish causal relationships between the environment and society, to identify regional, local and environmental problems;
– Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in geographic sciences, including physical, economic, social, cultural, political geography, cartography, geoecology;
– Use modern innovative methods of processing geographic information using GIS technologies to predict geographic processes;
– Apply the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in this educational program to solve problems in the field of professional activity.


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