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Pedagogy and Psychology

Pedagogy and Psychology

Specialty information

Языки обучения
Kazakh, Russian
Формы обучения

The training of personnel in the magistracy is carried out in two directions: profile (1 year) and scientific and pedagogical (2 years). Full-time form of education.
The purpose of the educational program of the master’s degree in the specialty 7M01101-Pedagogy and Psychology: the preparation of highly qualified, competitive personnel with in-depth scientific and pedagogical, professional training, capable of independent creative thinking, the implementation of professional activities.
In the process of training, undergraduates study the problems of modern pedagogical and psychological science, trends in the development of modern higher education, the process of teaching and upbringing of individual and personal development of students, management of the educational process, the development of innovative pedagogical management at the present stage; management of global educational processes, international activities in the field of education, the use of modern information and communication technologies in the field of education.


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