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Профильные предметы
Biology + Geography
Языки обучения
Kazakh, Russian
Формы обучения
Distance learning using distance technologies, Full-time

Specialty information

Bachelor’s educational program 6B03 Social sciences, journalism and information in the direction of training 6B031 Social sciences, is aimed at training highly qualified personnel.
The graduate of the bachelor’s degree is awarded the academic degree of the bachelor of education 6B03 Social sciences, journalism and information in the direction 6B03101 of the educational program “Psychology”
The purpose of the EP specialty 6B03101 “Psychology” is to provide conditions for obtaining a full-fledged high-quality professional education, professional competencies in various areas of teaching psychology, providing conditions for acquiring a high general intellectual level of development, mastering a competent and developed speech, humanitarian culture of thinking and skills of scientific organization of labor, mastering by students of the fundamentals of fundamental knowledge in the field of psychological education, theoretical and practical preparation for professional activity.
EP creates conditions for the development of creative potential, initiative and innovation, the continuation of education by students at the next stage of higher professional education.
The educational program trains competent and competitive psychologists who are able to effectively carry out psychological activities in various organizations and enterprises.


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