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Training of physical education teachers

Training of physical education teachers

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The purpose and objectives of the educational program

     Training of highly qualified competitive physical education teachers who are able to carry out professional activities using modern technologies and the organization of the pedagogical process based on scientific achievements.

Еxpected results of learning ON.

The educational program is focused on the development of practical skills and abilities of students.  As a result of studying physical culture and sports, the student must:

–  Formulate a holistic worldview of culture, religion, human life, moral, ethical and legal responsibility for corruption offenses, linking the diversity of the modern world.

–  Determine the basics of sports metrology, the construction of sports facilities for use in artistic gymnastics, the selection and use of sports equipment for skiing and speed skating, taking into account the age characteristics and the level of physical fitness of those involved.

–  Solve real communicative tasks with linguistic means in professional speech situations, use terms in their professional activities.

– Apply modern teaching technologies in the classroom, promote the development of inclusive education in the country, distinguish between pedagogical and psychological spheres of activity, analyze the structure and content of the State Compulsory Education Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan and curricula;  to plan work taking into account the content, principles, forms, methods, means of teaching and upbringing in the context of the updated content of education and distance learning.

–  To integrate scientific research with physical culture, sports and physical education, high technologies in sports training, the selection of physical loads.

– To evaluate the physiological mechanisms of adaptation of the body to muscular loads, the development of physical qualities and motor skills in strength sports, in training.

– Explain the social significance of physical education, motivation for the chosen sport, taking into account the theory and effective methodology of conducting lessons, trainings, football.

–  To be able to conduct educational, upbringing, sports, organizational and recreational work as a teacher of physical education and a coach in the chosen sport.

– Develop plans and methodological support for educational, training and competitive processes, activities of physical culture and sports organizations, conduct accounting and reporting.

– Demonstrate knowledge and understanding at a professional level in the field of study, including the most advanced knowledge in the field of physical fitness, physical education, sports training, recreation, rehabilitation;

– Development of professional skills of adaptation to physical education by improving technical and tactical behavior in the practice of swimming, organizing or conducting the educational process.


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