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Training of teachers of chemistry

Training of teachers of chemistry

Профильные предметы
Biology + Chemistry
Языки обучения
Kazakh, Russian
Формы обучения
Distance learning using distance technologies, Full-time

Specialty information

Purpose and objectives of the educational program
Training of competitive scientific and pedagogical personnel in chemistry with high social and civic responsibility, capable of carrying out professional activities, capable of proving and solving problems of public interests in chemistry.

Expected learning outcomes of the educational program
The educational program is focused on the development of practical skills and abilities of students. As a result of studying history, the student must:
– To solve real communicative tasks in professional speech situations with linguistic means, to use terms in their professional activities.
– Introduce the essence of management activities in education, the development of inclusive education in the country, distinguish between psychological processes, pedagogical schools, analyze the structure and content of the State Compulsory Education Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan and curricula; to plan work taking into account the content, principles, forms, methods, means of teaching and upbringing in the context of the updated content of education and distance learning.
– To formulate a holistic worldview of culture, religion, human life, linking the monotony of the modern world.
– To reveal the theoretical foundations of the chemical laws of development and functioning of natural and man-made systems;
– Consider the basic laws of general and organic chemistry, their characteristics, the composition of organisms, classes and types of organic compounds.
– To solve specific technical tasks for the use of reagents in the preparation and processing of hydrocarbon raw materials;
– Solve the assigned chemical, electrochemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, analytical and expert tasks.
– Consider the chemical foundations of environmental phenomena and processes of formation of the composition of the chemical properties of environmental objects.
– Solve problems of increased complexity from basic chemistry courses (inorganic, analytical, organic, physical and quantum chemistry, chemical technology, chemistry of macromolecular compounds).
– Demonstrate innovative technologies in teaching chemistry, developing students’ chemical thinking, a holistic natural-scientific worldview.
– Conduct laboratory work with chemical reagents and physical installations in compliance with safety standards (TB) and labor protection (OSH) requirements in laboratory conditions


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