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Training of teachers of informatics

Training of teachers of informatics

Профильные предметы
Mathematics + Physics
Языки обучения
Kazakh, Russian
Формы обучения
Distance learning using distance technologies, Full-time

Specialty information

Purpose and objectives of the substantiation of the educational program (EP):
Training of teachers of informatics with fundamental knowledge for the implementation of professional activities in the field of information and communication technologies in educational institutions.

Expected learning outcomes of the educational program (EP)
The educational program is focused on the development of practical skills and abilities of students. As a result of studying computer science and information technology, the student must:
– To connect the theoretical foundations of computer science and modern information technologies of education, using various methods of computer design, WEB-technologies.
– Determine languages based on communication with people, the formation of a communication style, adherence to language standards and the use of languages in their professional activities.
– Use management, worldview of spiritual culture, religion, human life, connecting with the diversity of the modern world.
– To present the essence of management activities in education, the development of inclusive education in the country, distinguishing between psychological processes, pedagogical schools, to analyze the structure and content of the State Compulsory Education Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan and curricula; to plan work taking into account the content, principles, forms, methods, means of teaching and upbringing in the context of the updated content of education and distance learning
– Apply methods to analyze information and sources of its receipt, acquired knowledge, abilities and skills to solve problems in the field of professional activity.
– Determine the interdependence between mathematical formulas, plan mathematical models, choose modern methods, design technologies.
– To create mathematical and software models of computing and information processes associated with the functioning of objects of professional activity.
– Predict and design methods, algorithms, programs, systems, networks and carry out their quantitative and qualitative analysis.
– Analyze and revise user requests, choose modern effective methods, tools and design technologies.


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