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Distance education

Distance education is a way of organizing the learning process, in which most of the training procedures are carried out using modern information and communication technologies by a teacher and a student. A wide range of distance learning methods allows a student to choose a method based on individual requirements and preferences of the listener and does not exclude communication with the teacher face to face.


The benefits of distance learning

  1. The choice of time and place for learning, convenient both for a teacher and a student;
  2. Strong learning possibilities;
  3. Immediate contact of the teacher with the student if necessary;
  4. Saves time and money.

Broad communication options:

  • Forum;
  • Email;
  • Exchange of attachments with the teacher;
  • Chat.

List of specialties

Currently, with the use of remote technologies, training is being conducted in 15 specialties of correspondence courses:

  1. 5В010100 – Pre-school education and training
  2. 5В010200 – Pedagogy and methods of primary education
  3. 5В010300 – Pedagogy and Psychology
  4. 5В011100 – Computer Science
  5. 5В011300 – Biology
  6. 5В011400 – History
  7. 5В011600 – Geography
  8. 5В030100 – Jurisprudence
  9. 5В050300 – Psychology
  10. 5В050600 – Economy
  11. 5В050800 – Accounting and Auditing
  12. 5В050900 – Finance
  13. 5В051000 – State and Local Government
  14. 5В090100 – Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation
  15. 5В090200 – Tourism
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