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Information for foreign citizens

Standard rules for admission of foreign citizens to educational institutions that implement professional training programs of higher education

According to the rules of admission in the Republic of Kazakhstan, higher education organizations accept persons who have a general secondary, technical and vocational (primary and secondary vocational, post-secondary), higher (higher vocational) education.

The admission of persons entering higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out by placing the state educational order (educational grants), as well as paying tuition at the expense of citizens’ own funds or other sources.

Stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and persons of Kazakh nationality who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan are entitled to receive, on a competitive basis in accordance with the state educational order, free higher education if they receive education at this level for the first time, except for military institutions.

The right of foreigners to receive free higher education on a competitive basis in accordance with the state educational order is determined by international treaties of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Admission of foreign citizens on a dedicated quota based on the state educational order on international higher education institutions established on the basis of interstate agreements is carried out by higher education institutions independently.

Admission of foreign citizens to study at higher educational institutions on a paid basis is carried out in the form of an interview conducted by admission commissions of higher educational institutions. Documents submitted in a foreign language must have a notarized translation into Kazakh or Russian.

Education documents issued by foreign educational organizations undergo a nostrification procedure in the manner prescribed by law after enrollment of persons during the first semester of study.

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