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Department of Pedagogy and Psychology

Executive Board

Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology

  6th floor, room 603

    +7 707 764 3738


         The goal and objectives of the Department is to train highly qualified pedagogical specialists who are able to effectively solve professional and pedagogical problems at the scientific and practical level within the educational program, master creative thinking, and master innovative teaching technologies.

  – complete and high-quality professional education, the formation of professional competencies and mastering the foundations of pedagogical skills

  – development of cognitive, information and communication, constructive, organizational skills important for pedagogical activity;

  – development of a culture of thinking, skills of self-education and scientific organization of labor;

  – education of a qualified and competitive person;

  – training of highly qualified specialists who meet modern requirements and criteria of employers.

The main direction of the Department: the widespread introduction of new teaching technologies in production, advanced training of professors and teachers, the comprehensive development of modern teaching technologies.

           Prepares the following undergraduate programs:

6B01101 – Pedagogy and Psychology

6В01301 – Pedagogy and methodology of primary education

6В01401 – Training of physical education teachers

6B01501 – Training of teachers of informatics

6В01502 – Training of teachers of biology

6В01503 – Training of teachers of geography

6В011504-Chemistry teacher training

6В011505-Training of teachers of mathematics


            Prepares the following educational programs for master’s degree:

7M01101 – Pedagogy and Psychology

7M01301 – Pedagogy and methodology of primary education

            The degree of the Department is 66%.

            The Department of Pedagogy and psychology has 58 teachers, 8 doctors of science, 25 candidates of science, 4 doctors of philosophy (PhD) and 15 masters of science.

Teaching staff of the department

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