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Department of “Law”

Kaziev Ongarbai

Head of the Department of "Law" e-mail: tel: +77028907076

University of Almaty is one of the higher educational institutions of the country that participates in the training of qualified lawyers. The specialty “Law” – 6B04101 is open at University of Almaty on the basis of a license from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Health. Graduates receive a state diploma.

The department trains Bachelors in the departments of full-time and distance learning forms. In the 2015-2016 academic year, a magistracy in the specialty 7М04201- “Law” was opened.

Training in the specialty ” Law” is carried out in the state and Russian languages. The department employs 18 teachers with higher legal education. The degree of the department is 50% (2 doctors of science, 15 candidates of science, 2 PhD, 10 masters of science). Of these, 29 teachers teach in the state language.

Students studying in the specialty “Law” actively participate in scientific work, in republican student scientific conferences. The department has a student scientific group “Civilist”. In order to educate the legal consciousness of students, to prevent undesirable phenomena in society (AIDS, drug addiction, alcoholism), law enforcement officers, prominent scientists and artists, health workers are invited. During such classes, students receive additional information, get acquainted with professional experience, and discuss various issues of modern society.

Professional practice of students plays an important role in the preparation of highly qualified personnel. Students of the department of ” Law” together with mentors attend job fairs to get acquainted with organizations, employers, as well as modern requirements and conditions for future professional activity. Employment of graduate students of the specialty “Jurisprudence” of the full-time department, constituting 65% of the total number of students, is 90%.

6B04101 Law

Bachelors in the specialty 6B04101 -Law can be engaged in the following types of professional activity: organizational and management activities in government bodies and institutions of various forms of ownership in Republic of Kazakhstan; Internal Affairs; in the departments and offices of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Affairs of the State Revenue Department, public service and anti-corruption, in the system of national security of justice, prosecutor’s office, judicial bodies, Legal and advisory activities as a notary, legal adviser, lawyer: Pedagogical activities in educational institutions of secondary and specialized secondary education.

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