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Charity event for the elderly people

In honor of the elderly people, their tireless work in Kazakhstan, traditional events are held annually to provide attention, material, social and other assistance to lonely and elderly pensioners and disabled people.

On October 19, 2020, at the «Almaty» University, in honor of the holiday of elderly people who dedicated their lives to our Motherland and by conscientious work laid the foundations of our state, the following events began: “A month of the elderly people”, “We are together!”, “We will honor veterans”.

On behalf of the akim of Almaty, the Auezov regional branch of the «Nur Otan» party and the akim of the Auezov region, a charity event was held in October to “draw attention” to the veterans of the region.

According to the list approved by the akimat of the Auezov region, the following pensioners are assigned to the university:

1. Cherkashina Galina Georgievna.

2. Baltabayev Gaziz.

3. Alburina Nasima Makarovna.

4. Merkurieva Valentina Stepanovna.

5. Shalabayeva Tatiana Vladimirovna.

6. Gilmutdinova Emma Nikolayevna.

7. Kanapyanova Klara Kanapyanovna.

On the initiative of the rector of the «Almaty» University, Yermaganbetov Mubarak Yermaganbetovich, charity events were organized for these elderly people.

Members of the University Youth Affairs Committee and active students of the youth corps “Zhas Otan” took care of the veterans, congratulated them, presented gifts, and took pictures together.

Labor veterans, pensioners shared their memories and blessed the youth.

We will always support these people in difficult times and show care and attention for them.

Long live our veterans, kind, lovely, wise!



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