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       The library is the leading structural unit of the university providing the educational and scientific process with literature and information.

      The library is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, by the Model Law on the Library of Higher Education Institutions and also by the charter of the university, administration  and by orders of the Academic Council.

    The library of the Almaty University is a cultural and information center for students and undergraduates, teachers and university staff. The purpose of the library is to provide the educational process of the university, scientific and pedagogical activity, bibliographic and informational teaching aids and other manuals in the form of paper and electronic media.

                        The basics duties of the library:

 – maintaining the profile of the university and the information needs of users in the state and other languages, creating an appropriate database of traditional and modern information leaflets.

 -information services in accordance with the needs of teachers, students, undergraduates and university staff.

– providing students with textbooks, teaching aids and other manuals in the form of paper and electronic media:

-provision of professional needs of users with the necessary literature

-coordination of library activities with scientific and public organizations

-tracking of periodicals.

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