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Meeting with a representative of the religious department

 On February 25, 2021, Alip Tursingali Toregalievich, a representative of the Department of Religion, teacher, expert-theologian, Master of Arts, held an online lecture for students at the Almaty University on the Zoom platform.

The purpose of the lecture for young people is the prevention of terrorism, religious extremism, the influence of destructive forces in religion.

The lecture was attended by the rector of the university, professor Ermaganbetov Mubarak Yermaganbetovich, vice-rector for educational work Aldekenov Sagat Kutbanovich, heads of departments, faculty and 80 students.

Lecturer T. Alip correctly explained to our youth that the activities of some religious organizations today do not comply with the law, undermine the development of our country, therefore it is necessary to beware of religious movements banned in Kazakhstan and other countries.

The lecturer noticed that among them there are those who have departed from religion, that among them there are those who have departed from religion.

T. Alip answered the questions of the university, explained the importance of higher education, choosing the right path.

At the end of the lecture, vice-rector for educational work S.K. Aldekenov, on behalf of the university staff, thanked the expert-theologian T. Alip.

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