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The role of distance learning in the life of students youth


         Our wise people say: “A person who thinks about one year, grows grain, thinks about ten years, grows a tree, thinks about the future – grows offspring.”

          In this regard, at the present stage, we strive to update the meaning and content of education in the humanities and pedagogical sciences, in accordance with the requirements of the time, we focus on an innovative methodological course.

  It is no accident that the great thinker of the Middle Ages Abu Nasr al-Farabi     said: “Education without upbringing is the enemy of mankind.”

Therefore, higher education should create the necessary conditions for the comprehensive development of a person: awareness, physical activity, mental, spiritual growth and other aspects

        In connection with the currently widespread coronavirus infection COVID-19, an emergency situation has been introduced in our country.

There is an action “We are sitting at home!”, “We are together!”. Elderly and suffering from chronic diseases people are in self-isolation mode at home.

          It was obvious that a way out in the training of university students would be found, tactics and policies would be determined.

          In order to continue lifelong education, the «Almaty» University, like other educational institutions, switched to distance learning technologies. As you know, most of the curriculum of a higher educational institution has been transferred to an independent form of education. The educational-methodical complex of the discipline, syllabuses for students of all specialties contain the necessary information.

Teachers give a lecture through the «ZOOM» audiovisual program, and students, in turn, prepare assignments for the «Classroom» program. This approach has shown close cooperation between the student and the teacher.

       Distance learning has become a form of education that allows students to develop their abilities and strive to master the future profession.

          For example, a student learns to analyze, systematize the data necessary for himself, and draw informed conclusions based on information. The student improves the skills of interpretation, comparison, study of phenomena, explanation of processes in mastering the discipline. The teacher gives the student the right orientation.

The academic degree of the faculty of «Almaty» University сorresponds to the qualification requirements, their works are familiar to the republic.

         As part of the humanitarian project “100 new textbooks”, the educational process at the university is equipped with electronic textbooks.

       It should be noted that the university teaching staff teaches students in accordance with the requirements of world standards.

          The spiritual needs of future specialists with higher education are actively developing.

           Success in the modernization of education depends on the level of public consciousness in which spirituality takes priority. Confirmation of this is the Programmatic article by the leader of the nation, N. Nazarbayev, “A look into the future: the modernization of public consciousness.”

           Science is a multifaceted, complex structure. It is clear that through science spiritual education is also carried out.

          Today, for every young person, the following challenges of the time should be valuable: competitiveness, pragmatism, a cult of knowledge, respect for the national culture of the native country, respect for the native language, for one’s parents.

       At the initiative of the advisers from the university students, videos were created that talked about the features of the academic life of the university in the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic. For example, student short videos on the themes “My native land”, “My family”, “Hobbies outside school hours”, “We are together!” revealed the inclinations, opportunities, interests of students, were of great educational value.

      The online mode is the preparation and establishment of close ties with the supervisors of scientific subject projects of students and art contests.

      The faculty of the university actively and comprehensively continues to carry out international cooperation with other universities.

      It should be noted that all modern requirements in distance learning at the university are fulfilled.


Sagat Aldekenov, Vice-Rector for Educational work of Almaty University, РҺ.D 

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