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Office registration Department


Ulykhsatova Gulzipa Zeynullaevna

Head of Registration Office

Master of Laws

Almaty, Aksay-3 Microdistrict, B.Momyshuly Street 36, room 803

Tel: 7 (727) 248-57-48, (ext. 105)



The Department of Registration Office is an academic service that monitors compliance with academic rules and procedures, assists with the organization of knowledge control, manages the registration of the entire history of educational achievements and the calculation of the academic rating of students.

The main tasks of the Registration Office are:

  • Registration of the entire history of educational achievements of students of the University;
  • Organization of the current, intermediate and final control in the framework of the educational process in accordance with the academic calendar of the University;
  • Accounting for the formation and movement of the contingent of students of the University;
  • Maintaining documentation on the results of the educational process (preparation of examination, intra-semester sheets, registration of exam results);
  • Organization of a summer semester to meet the needs of additional training, the elimination of academic debts and the difference in training programs;
  • Monitoring the quality of students’ knowledge;
  • Provision of academic information to students, teachers and administrative staff of the University and Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In its activities, the Registration Office is guided by the following:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”
  • The Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating the educational sphere;
  • The Regulatory Acts of the Ministry of Education, implementing educational programs of higher professional education;
  • The Rules for the organization of the educational process on credit technology (with amendments and additions);
  • The Charter of the University;
  • The Decisions of the University Academic Council;
  • The Orders of the Rector.



Office Registrars the Registration Office:

Zhubandikova Samal Kadyrgalievna

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