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Adirbekova Zhanar Seitovna
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Adirbekova Zhanar Seitovna

Master of pedagogical science, senior lecturer


  • 2007-2011. Almaty, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University Faculty: Psychology-pedagogy Specialty: Psychology
  • 2011-2013. Kazakh National Pedagogical University Abay University, Institute of master's And PhD doctoral Studies Faculty: Psychology-pedagogy Specialty: Pedagogy and psychology
  • Academic degree: master of pedagogical Sciences


  1. The importance of pedagogical practice in the formation of future teachers-psychologists as specialists. Republican scientific and practical conference “scientific heritage of Abu Nasr Al-Farabi and XXI century”, dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of Abu Nasr Al-Farabi, at the University of Almaty., 2019
  2. Methodological and theoretical characteristics of the development of intellectual abilities of the individual. Pedagogy and art, Almaty 2020, No. 1 (81)
  3. Ethnopedagogics and ethnopsychology in the beginning classes of the general education school. Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Recommendations for the approval of the UMS group of specialties, “education” at the University of Almaty (Protocol No. 10 of 25.06.2019) Uch.posobie
  4. The problem of understanding the subjectivity of the student and his macrostructure. Science and life of Kazakhstan, No. 7/3 2020
  5. Theoretical aspects of intellectual development of high school students. University Of Almaty, Bulletin, 2019   

Taught courses

  1. Introduction to psychology
  2.  General and age psychology
  3.  Child psychology
  4.  Developmental psychology
  5.  Fundamentals of individual and group psychotherapy
  6.  Fundamentals of psychological counseling
  7.  Business psychology

Advanced training courses

  1. «Innovative educational technologies in multi-level and specialized training». 4 November – 14 November 2012 y. Germany
  2. «Training with new innovative technologies and teaching critical thinking». 2014-2015, «Orleu» professional development program
  3. From August 12 to August 23, 2019, Almaty psychological counseling, certificate for 72 hours. Educational Center «Global Professional Development».
  4. 2019 zhyl, Almaty K. Psychology of business communication and relations certificate 72 hours. Almaty, Kazakh State Teacher Training University.
  5. Online seminar «Models of inclusive education in foreign countries». November 20-30, 2020, 72 hours
  6.  «Digital teacher: application of distance learning technologies in the educational process». 72 hours from August 10 to August 24, 2020
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