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Kosherbayeva Shynar Slyambekovna

Kosherbayeva Shynar Slyambekovna

Senior lecturer


  • 1989 -1996 years. Faculty of natural geography of the East Kazakh State Teacher Training University in the specialty "Geography"
  • 2013-2015. Master's degree, Institute of Master's and Doctoral Studies PhD of Abai KazNPU specialty geography


List of employees for 2016-2019:
1.”The importance of historical and Geographical Science ” // Geography in schools and universities of Kazakhstan. Republican scientific and methodological Journal. March-April №3. 2016
2.”Collection of geographical problems in Mathematics”, educational resource, Almaty, 2016, typography: l – Pride.rz.,
3. ” Physical Geography of continents and oceans» Independent work of students. Educational and methodological support, Almaty, typography: l-Pride.rz., 25.01.2017
4. “Methodological approaches to teaching geography in the updated content of Education” / / University of Almaty, Bulletin, 2018 No. 2
5. “Education of students in Kazakhstan’s patriotism through the organization of regional and local history work in general secondary schools” / / University of Almaty, Bulletin, 2018 No. 1
6. “Journey to Sacred Turkestan” / / history of Kazakhstan, Republican scientific and methodological journal, 2018
7. “Space universe” / / University of Almaty, Bulletin, 2018 No. 2,
8.”Sacred places of the East “//collection of materials of the scientific and practical conference” Latin alphabet of Science and educational process in the XXI century «dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the University of education of Almaty. Two thousand eighteen
9. “Effectiveness of using innovative methods and teaching technologies in geography lessons” / / University of Almaty, Bulletin, 2019 No. 2,
10.”Introduction of innovative educational technologies in the educational process – a requirement of time ” // University of Almaty, Bulletin,2019 No. 2

Taught courses

1. Global environmental problems
2. Kazakhstan’s climate and environmental problems
3. Economic, social and political geography of the world
4. The development of tourism in Kazakhstan
5. Geography of the world economy
6. Innovative methods of teaching geography
7. Methods of teaching geography

Advanced training courses

1. “Actual Issues of Polylingual Education”, a Certificate (72 hours). Almaty,Kazakh state teacher training University, 11 – 13.04.2016
2. “Methodology and methods of pedagogical research”, Certificate – (72 hours). Abai KazNPU, 04-29.12. 2016
3. “Fundamentals of higher school pedagogy”, Certificate-(72 hours). Abai KazNPU, 04-29.12.2016
4. “Innovations in modern education”, Certificate.- (72 hours). Almaty University, 12.02-14.02. 2017
5. “Modern aparty of tekhnologiyalar,Asian outway deter”, Certificate.(72 h), Al-Farabi, 27.11. – 08.12.2017 g
6. “Turki alemi zertteulerinin bilim beru bagdarlamasyn zhandandyrudagy ustanymdary”, Certificate (72 hours), University of Almaty, 23.10. – 02.11.2018
7. Anti-Corruption management: ISO 37001 ” anti-corruption Management System. Active fight mechanisms with corruption in the organization”, certificate, is the technology of quality management, 06.11.2018
8. “Innovative educational technologies in professional activity of a teacher”, certificate – (72 hours). International Institute of professional development teacher, 30.04.2019
9. “Organization of distance learning technologies” in private educational institutions of Higher Education, Certificate, Moskovsky University named after S.Yu. Witte, 16.06.2018
10. “Has successfully completed the official springer nature training how to use how publisn”, certificate, University of Almaty, JANUARY 15, 2019

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