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Usenov Nurbol Ergeshovich

Usenov Nurbol Ergeshovich

Senior lecturer


  • 1995-2006 studied at S. Seifullin secondary school № 12
  • 2006 -2010 received education in Abai KazNPU, faculty of geography-ecology, specialty geography-tourism
  • 2010-2012 he studied at the Almaty University of continuing education as a lawyer (second higher education)
  • 2011-2013 at the Abai KazNPU Institute of PhD doctoral and magistracy, received the title of master of the Department of Natural Sciences.
  • 2012 in Poland, at the Krakow Pedagogical University, he received a congratulatory certificate for educational practical training on behalf of Abai KazNPU.


  1. Formation of students ‘ ideas about the laws of economic geography. // Bulletin. Series “Pedagogical Sciences”, No. 4 (60). – Almaty: Abai KazNPU, 2018. – P.265-268.
  2. Aspects of teaching economic and geographical patterns in the context of updated educational content in school geography. // Bulletin. Series “Pedagogical Sciences”, No. 4 (64). – Almaty: Abai KazNPU, 2019. – P. 339-343.
  3. Formation of economic and geographical laws and concepts for students in the framework of the updated content of Education. // Bulletin. Series “Pedagogical Sciences”, No. 2 (66). – Almaty: Abai KazNPU, 2020. – pp. 284-289
  4. New concepts and terms in the section geoeconomics in the updated content of Secondary Education. // International scientific and practical conference “Actual problems of the national education system: priorities, prospects for development” – Zhetysai: Syrdarya University , 2018, pp. 254-257.
  5. Implementation of self-education and navigation functions: Crete, didactics and practical experience.Materials of the international scientific and practical conference “improving educational resources; experience and prospects”, Nur-Sultan, October 18-19, 2019 68-71
  6. Specialization and diversification of the regional economy as a pattern of geo-economic processes: didactic aspects of studying in the updated content of education Promising scientific research, Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference February 12, 2020.Chisinau, Moldova
    p. – 100-108.
  7. Implementation of the function of self-education and navigation in teaching geography: criteria, didactics and practical experience ( on the example of the textbook “Geography” for the 11th grade) Science, education, innovations: approbation of research results of the International Scientific and Practical Conference on February 7, 2020 Nevtekamsk, Bashkortostan p. – 533-540.

Taught courses

1. Landscape Science
2. Economic and social geography of Kazakhstan
3. Cartography fundamentals of topography
4. Geology fundamentals of geomarfology
5. Natural Science

Advanced training courses

1. Methodological approaches to teaching geography in the context of updated educational content. Educational Center Global “Professional Development”. (72 hours.).
2. “Methodology and methods of pedagogical research”. International seminar. (72 hours). 04.12.2016-29.12.2016
3. “Fundamentals of Pedagogy of the Higher School”. International seminar. (72 hours). 04.12.2016-29.12.2016

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