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Old people are our property!

October 1 – International Day of the elderly annually becomes a traditional holiday.

On October 21, 2020, a festive evening dedicated to the Day of the Elderly was held at the municipal public institution “City Center for Social Services“ Shanyrak ”.

Students of «Almaty» University and veterans of the Afghan war congratulated the elderly people on the holiday.

During this event, students K. Mardenov, A. Esengeldy, A. Rysdaulet, E. Ayimov performed with a small concert, sang beautiful melodies for the honored guests of the evening and delighted the elderly. They also conveyed their good wishes.

At the end of the evening, the director of the institution R. Sypabekova solemnly congratulated the old people and wished everyone good health and long years of life. Rector of the University “Almaty” Ermaganbetov Mubarak Ermaganbetovich, chief specialist in organizing and conducting this event, vice-rector for educational work Aldekenov Sagat Kutbanovich, were awarded letters of thanks.

Of course, it is an honor to a society that knows its elderly people and always cares about them. A country where old people live quietly is a happy country. Therefore, we want young people to always learn wisdom from their elders in difficult times, rely on their experience, try to protect them as an asset and respect them for their merits.

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