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The regular meeting of the club “Syrlasu”

Conducting meaningful events at the university under the leadership of the Vice-Rector for educational work Amangaliyeva S.T. has become traditional. One of these planned activities was held on February 28, 2019. on the theme “Kurkmes minesteklіk tәrbiesіnің zhemіsі”. The event began with the reading of poems of the composition of the hands of the club M. p. Krebye BE, dedicated to our girls. 1 course M. Kamzin, leading the event with her charm and a special timbre of her voice, involuntarily made the audience think deeply about the question: “How do you understand the expressions“ Beautiful character ”,“ Ideal behavior? ”Intensified the attention of those present, contributed to complete mutual understanding. Teachers of the university Akhataeva G. B., Zhumabaeva U.A., Vice-Rector for BP S. Amangalieva shared their life experiences in the issue of education and behavior of the Kazakh girl and instructions. The event ended with a wonderful performance of stud. 2 courses “Psychology” by Polatova R. of the song “Zhіbektіl Eli”, which was a musical continuation of a high-level meeting of the club and gave a positive attitude to the audience.

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