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Cultural event, dedicated to the celebration of languages

          September 30, 2019. at the” Almaty ” University held a cultural event on the theme” Language – the stronghold of independence”, dedicated to the celebration of languages.

          The main purpose of the event: strengthening friendship and unity between representatives of different nations and nationalities living in independent Kazakhstan, awakening a sense of respect for the state language, the development of trilingualism policy.

         The event, held in three languages, was organized by teachers-philologists of the Department of “Natural and humanitarian specialties”.

          The 4th year student of  “Kazakh language and literature” specialty Mukhamed Umitnur, presented the material about the history of world languages, Abdymazhit Akzharkyn told in detail about the history and importance of the English language.

        Students sang songs, read poems in three languages. The 3rd year student Kuanyshbek Nurbakyt read his own poem “Soz”, Rakhmatov Habibulla, 1st year student of the faculty of Economics, read a poem by Mukagali Makatayev “My happiness – three”, a student studying two foreign languages, Zholdasova Anel, read a poem by S. Skachko “Language”, Batyrkhan Madi, the 2nd year student, performed kui by Kurmangazy “Balbirauyn”.

         The 1st year student Esengeldi Asem sang a song “White cap”, the 1st year student Erasyl Ergesh, sang the song  “You are so beautiful”, Payzullayev Arzum, the 2nd year student of the specialty “State and local government”, sang the song “Maybe you”, the 4th year student Orazbayeva Assel sang “Diamonds”.

        The event included a quiz “Find and tell the hidden words of Proverbs, sayings”, during which students and teachers answered questions in Kazakh, Russian and English.

         The event contributed to the understanding that language is a guarantor of friendship, possession of three languages – the imperative of our time, the rise of the state language is the sacred duty of every intelligent, moral citizen.

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