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     On January 13-14, 2020, a training seminar on the theme “Modern pedagogical technologies in higher educational institutions in conditions of up-to-date content of education” was held at the Almaty University as part of the annual plan for advanced training of faculty.

     The seminar was held by S. Komekova, teacher-master of the department of teaching methods in higher education and international educational programs of SJC NCQ “Orleu”, trainer for updated educational programs.

      The seminar was attended by 35 people – heads of departments, associate professors, senior teachers, masters.

      Seminar participants became more familiar with the main directions in updating the content of education, mastered the concepts of “criteria-based assessment”, “teaching methods for updated programs”, mastered the teacher’s modern technological apparatus, gained the skills of scientific analysis and evaluation of the modern lesson in universities and schools, received practical recommendations on the use of basic methods and techniques of educational technology.

     In the future, teachers expressed a wish to the trainer to conduct two-week continuing education courses.


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