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Awarded with the “Best Teacher” badge

        Currently, university teachers are required to be competent not only in their field, but also in modern teaching methodology. And such teachers with a high level of pedagogical skills, scientific and creative potential, erudition in the professional field, constitute the prestige of our university. It is these teachers who raise the status of our university and cause pride.

          A significant contribution to the development of the scientific potential of the university is made by the rector of the university, professor Mubarak Yermaganbetovich Yermaganbetov.

      Kazakhstan Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences) organized and conducted the XI Republican independent public competition among principals and deputy principals of schools, colleges, teachers and professors.

           The purpose of the competition was to identify creative teachers who have achieved high results in their professional and pedagogical activities, study and disseminate their best practices, support and encourage the best teachers.

           78 participants applied for the competition, including 10 candidates of science from among the staff of schools and colleges, the rest – candidates of science, doctors and professors of universities. As a result, 52 participants were selected and passed the competition.

             Sailaugul Avdarsolovna, senior lecturer of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, represented the «Almaty» University and became the winner of the competition. She was awarded the “Best Teacher” badge. She was awarded a certificate, a collection of analytical reports and photographs of the winners of the competition.

          Today, November 26, on the ZOOM platform, the President of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences Askarbek Kusainov remotely congratulated all the winners of the competition.

          The administration of the «Almaty» University, the teaching staff, students sincerely congratulate Sailaugul Avdarsolovna and wish her further creative success and prosperity.

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